It is our new permanent attraction, that will be operating year-round in 2017 and 2018. It will see you placed into a replica 1970s family home, which has been the subject of countless paranormal investigations - you are required to spend 30 minutes within the home to try and obtain evidence of the existence of a poltergeist! The Séance is not for those of a nervous disposition, you will be seated for the majority of the experience. 


Is it a real Séance, will I actually encounter a real ghost? 


We do use genuine 18th Century Séance techniques, and the story has been based on actual events...despite this, it is a synthetic Séánce that does not actually make contact with the afterlife. 


Is Strobe lighting in use? 


Yes, flashing lights will feature at certain points within the attraction. 


What if I have a group size bigger than 6?

We book a maximum of six onto each tour, this is to ensure an intimate experience. If you have a group larger than six, they would need to be spread across multiple time slots so as not to be detrimental to the experience. Please contact us for details. 


What is Dead Centre?

Dead Centre is a Zombie Survival Experience, that takes place in an operational Shopping Centre (after it has closed for the evening). You’ll need to run, dodge and problem solve if you are to survive the full 60 minutes.


How many zombies are there? 


Dead Centre is an experience that has more than 50 Zombies each night, we space groups apart by 20 minutes – so that Zombies can give each group their full un-divided attention.


Do I need to run? 


Yes, you will be running for a large chunk of the experience, so bring your running shoes! 


Is it wheelchair accessible?


Unfortunately, due to the nature of the service corridors and loading bays that we use, they're not wheelchair accessible. However, please see our Access Guide for details of our other attractions which are wheelchair accessible. 

Do you offer any discounts or offers on Dead Centre?


No – the £45pp ticket price is the best we can offer, we never believe in over-pricing our events and then offering promotions, instead we prefer to make it a fair price for everyone.


Is this the same as the last Dead Centre?


Yes and no, whilst the concept and general route will be the same, we have introduced some changes and new features that should keep the experience fresh for those that experienced it last time.


Can I take photos or video of the event?


No – whilst in the experience you cannot take photos or video, however there is a photo opportunity at the end.


What should I wear?


Be sure to wear flat shoes, that you’re comfortable running in – along with comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting a bit dirty (there will be lots of blood flying around).


Can I be a Zombie?


Yes – send us an email on boo@hideandshriek.co.uk for details. 



What is Hide and Shriek?


Hide and Shriek, located in Southend-on-Sea is the destination for all things horror! Hosting a variety of unique, innovative and immersive themed events, attractions and experiences throughout the year. From Zombie Survival Events, to Escape Rooms and Halloween Scare Mazes to Classic Movie Screenings with a live action twist, there is always something to suit every taste, event or occasion. 



Where is Hide and Shriek located?


We are located on the First Floor, of the Victoria Shopping Centre with ample parking and public transport links close by. Just a few minutes from both Southend Victoria, and Southend Central Train Stations if travelling from further afield. 



Visiting from abroad?


Then fly into London Southend Airport, and catch a direct train service that will bring you straight to our door step. 



Is it suitable for children?

Hide and Shriek events all come with recommend age restrictions, we do not recommend our experiences for children under 14, due to the use of blood, gore and horror elements, however there is no enforced age restriction and the decision is at the discretion of parents/guardians. Children under 16 will need to be accompanied by a responsible person aged 18 or over. 


Is Hide and Shriek available for Corporate or Private Functions?


Most Certainly! – Not only do we have a variety of group based experiences taking place throughout the year ideal for team building, staff reward nights, birthday parties etc, we also have a themed 48 seat ‘Horror Cinema’ that is unlike any other function room in Essex! If you’re looking for a venue that provides practicality with originality, then look no further than Hide and Shriek. Call our Sales Team today on 01702 808980 for a bespoke package quote. 

Is Hide and Shriek wheelchair accessible? 


Please see our Access Guide for full details.